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to my horror I found I was locked out → descubrí con horror que me había dejado las llaves dentro

awful; terrifying. a horrific incident; a horrific journey. afskuwelik مُفْزِع، مُرْعِب ужасяващ horrendo entsetzlich grufuld; forfærdelig φοβερόςhorroroso, Terrible, awful õudne هولناك kauhistuttava terrifiant מַחֲרִיד रोमांचकारी koji užasava, jezovit rettentő mengerikan ógnvekjandi orribile, raccapricciante 恐ろしい 끔찍한 šiurpus, baisingas šaušalīgs dahsyat schrikaanjagendgruoppvekkendestraszliwy, okropny خطرناک horrendo groaz­nic ужасающий strašen užasan fasaväckande, hårresande น่ากลัว korkunç, tüyler ürpertici 可怕的,恐佈的 страітливий خوفناک khủng khiếp; ghê sợ 令人恐惧的,极其可怕的

A number of horror film adaptations from comic guides and video clip video games were produced. thirty Times of Night (2007) is based to the comedian e-book miniseries of the identical name. The Tale concentrates on an Alaskan town beset by vampires since it enters into a 30-day extensive polar night time.

The Perdu at this stage—and perhaps in his horror he observed it with surprise—was comparatively shallow.

Providers and area may be blended as seen during the below illustration. Support tag also can optionally be connected straight to the corresponding Netflix, Hulu, or Prime web site with the Motion picture.

one. wonderful fear or dislike. She provides a horror of spiders; She looked at me in horror. afsku رُعْب، هَلَع ужас horror hrůza das Entsetzen skræk; rædsel; væmmelse τρόμος, φρίκηhorror hirm وحشت kauhu horreurאימה डरावना groza, strava rettegés kengerian ógn, skelfing; hryllingur orrore 恐怖 공포 siaubas, pasibaisėjimas šausmas; riebums; pretīgums perasaan takut yang amat sangat afschuwskrekk, forferdelse, avskywstręt, groza وحشت horror groază отвращение; ужас hrôza groza strah fasa, skräck, avsky ความหวาดกลัว dehşet, korku 極大恐懼,極端厭惡 жах; огида خوف اور بیزاری sự ghê sợ 极端厌恶

The proper title of this short article is #Horror. The omission on the # is because of technological limitations.

Paramount Pics also made horror films inside the forties, the most popular of which happens to be The Uninvited. The film has been noted by contemporary film scholars as staying the initial film in heritage to portray ghosts as authentic entities Comedy Horror instead of illusions or misunderstandings played for comedy.

b. A point out or condition marked by this sensation: stood in horror taking a look at the scene. See Synonyms at anxiety.

Thought to be the main real zombie movie, the film commenced to mix psychological insights with gore. Distancing the period from previously gothic trends, late 1960s films introduced horror into daily life.

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It had been an unremarkable working day for you. You sat inside a bar with a buddy. Soon after another bottle of beer you desired to make use of the bathroom, so you remaining for a handful of minutes.

Other notable creature films consist of It Came from Beneath the Sea (1955), Tarantula (1955), and The enormous Behemoth (1959). Japan's knowledge with Hiroshima and Nagasaki bore the nicely-known Godzilla (1954) and its quite a few sequels, that includes mutation from the effects of nuclear radiation. This kickstarted the tokusatsu development generally known as Kaiju films, a Japanese film genre that options big monsters, commonly attacking key cities and engaging the army and various monsters in battle.

Sardonicus in the film. All that they had to perform was hold up a “thumbs up” ballot should they wished Mr. Sardonicus go totally free or "thumbs down" if they wish to punish him. Supposedly no viewers ever voted for all times more than Dying, Hence the film continues as Should the viewers’s vast majority verdict was very seriously counted.[sixty one] Also in exactly the same calendar year, William Castle manufactured Homicidal, which follows a murderous lady in a little California town. A “fright break” was highlighted throughout the film where by the audiences are proven a timer over the terrifying climax. The audiences that are as well frightened to begin to see the stop in the film are given twenty five seconds to walk out of the theater and in the “coward's corner” in which they could get a complete refund of their ticket and also a totally free blood pressure level test. [sixty two]

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